Dylan D.

I’ve taken my multipoo (her name is Puppy) to multiple vets for stomach related issues and zero answers. Dr. Thomasson immediately was able to detect a tumor in her abdomen. If not for that visit we would have no idea she has an orange sized tumor that needs to be removed with her spleen.


“My experience was very good from the beginning. They got my dog in for her annual shots the afternoon that I called. Dr. gave her a hands on physical exam, and answered all of my questions and concerns.
Staff was very friendly.”

Sara B, Scottsdale

“I have always remained with my pet while procedures are performed. That option wasn’t given me. It took a long time for what I was told would be a shot. When Rusty did reappear, I was told the wound was also drained. Everyone was very pleasant. Rusty seems to be doing much better with the infection. Of course, the twice daily antibiotic isn’t his favorite thing, but we are getting it down him.”

Jenna C, Scottsdale

“Doctor is knowledgeable.”

Pam P, Phoenix

“Friendly staff. Spent a good amount of time with Buddy making him comfortable and going over observations and recommendations. Gave us a courtesy nail clip service. We will be back with our other dog. We have found our new vet!”

Ellen M, Scottsdale

“Dr. Thomasson is an amazing vet! We recently took our dog, Olive, to him after she was hit by a car. She had trauma to her face and had lost her front teeth. The doctor at the emergency pet hospital thought she would need to see a veterinary dentist. That really scared me because, in my experience, veterinarian specialists are very expensive. The surgeon at the hospital examined her and said she probably just needed stitches and called Dr. Thomasson to see if he would examine her. Dr. Thomasson agreed and Olive was scheduled for the following morning. The problem was far more extensive and her nasal passages were badly torn. Dr. Thomasson had never seen damage like that and had to be creative with tubing to keep the passages open while healing. Dr. Thomasson spent 2 hours in surgery and yet the bill was very reasonable. We have already called him several times for care advice and he is very happy to help. It has been about 6 weeks now and Olive has recovered nicely. I might add that this is the second pet we have had in for emergency reasons. We had the same great care the last time. I would highly recommend Dr. Thomasson. I am sure with his skills he could be making far more money as a “specialist” Luckily, for my pet family; he has chosen to be an exceptional veterinarian.”

Alexandra P, Phoenix

“Fast, efficient, and friendly. Very satisfied with the service in every way! Cares about client and pet!”

Robyn T, Phoenix

“Came into Cochise for a routine physical examination for my dog, and the staff and veterinarian were very accommodating. From making the appointment to leaving that day, the service was excellent. I felt comfortable asking the doctor any questions I had, and he was very knowledgeable addressing all my concerns. I recommend this animal hospital to all pet owners who need a great vet they can trust!”

Suzanne S, Scottsdale

“Excellent Vet! Staff are so nice. Im so happy with this referral, Dr. T is awesome!”

Debra S, Scottsdale

“As always Buster was given great care by Dr Steve. I wouldn’t think of trusting my boy with anyone else!”

Jorja K, Scottsdale

“We were able to get Jonnie Walker, our Cockapoo, in for an exam within one day of request and were received promptly. The doctor knew the name of his condition though it is not a common condition wth which I was impressed. Before leaving, we were courteously shown that Jonnie is being displayed in the framed photo in the lobby and we felt honored by this.When you have an appointment, be sure to check out the cute, white Cockapoo in the photo! (It’s not the bunny rabbit!).”

Anne S, Phoenix

“Always very helpful and love Dr Thomasson”

Nicki M, Scottsdale

“Excellent, as always. Terrific care of our dog, Chauncey.”

Carolyn C, Scottsdale

“Excellent staff! Very friendly, knowledgeable, and overall they were great with my dog. Facility was clean and very well kept and I will definitely return in the future.”

Marge T, Scottsdale

“Everyone was great Dr Steve was kind, thorough and explained exactly what he was going to do for my little RayRay. I’m thrilled that we found him.”


“Very clean facility and everyone was very kind to our anxious dog. This was our first visit and we will definitely be back.”

Kelly L, Scottsdale

“I’ve been a very satisfied client of CAH for at least 10 years. Dr. Thomassen has always put the well being of his animals and peace of mind of his clients first and it shows.”

Beverly Y, Scottsdale

“Went well ! Answered all questions for us. Nice Doc.”


“Great experience. The staff is compassionate and thorough.”

Chrissy C, Scottsdale

“I so appreciated them taking their time to get to know my dog and not just rush in and overwhelm him by invading him with a rushed and disconnected examination. My dog was much more calm and relaxed with their approach than he tends to have been with other vets! 
Thank you all so much! Also loved and appreciated their Groupon deal!”

Margareta, Scottsdale

“Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Clean facilities and interest and kindness with my pet.”

Jolin T, Tempe

“Great staff and affordable pricing!”

Trisha, Scottsdale

“Everyone was very helpful and compassionate. The Doctor was very good too. Will continue to use them.”

Mark M, Paradise Valley

“Smart, caring professionals.”


“Very professional experience with everyone at this practice.”

Eunice B, Scottsdale

“Wonderful as always. Dr Thomussen is the best.”


“Doctor was knowledgeable and personable. Rest of staff the same. Will definitely return/ recommend! Also, I rarely write reviews but felt compelled to due to such a positive experience!”

Siegfried H, Scottsdale

“Cochise Animal Hospital takes care for my 2 dogs since we moved to Scottsdale 6 years ago. They were recommended by our daughter who lived here already.
Service, competence and response are excellent.
The staff is polite and caring.
To me the cost are reasonable.
I like Cochise Animal Hospital and my dogs have no problem to go there for their treatments”

Pam & Brad T, Scottsdale

“Great service, polite, Georgia’s teeth look great!”


“Friendly staff and Vet”


“Dr. Thomasson was very caring with our anxious dog. All our questions were answered. I would highly recommend Cochise Animal hospital.”

Gail H, Yuma

“Thanks for providing non anesthetic teeth cleaning for Henry. We will see you in 6 months for another treatment. It’s worth the drive from Yuma.”

Nichole L, Scottsdale

“The staff was exceptionally sweet and caring. The provider knew exactly what he was talking about and had no problem answering all of our questions patiently and thoroughly. They loved our cat and gave him lots of love and performed the vaccinations very quickly! We will be going back every time and taking our other cat as well. Absolutely loved this office. Thank you for everything!”

Lora S, Phoenix

“The young lady at the front desk was extremely professional and helpful. She even provided me with a file folder to store my dog’s documents. The doctor was courteous and very helpful as well. He made sure and state that my dog had been spayed on the certificate so I could provide that information when I get her dog license. Overall, I was very pleased and when my dog needs medical attention, I will bring back to Cochise Animal Hospital.”


“Timely and compassionate care.”

Harriet B, Scottsdale

“Dr. T and the staff are always wonderful. I’m glad I found this practice. I also board my animals there and know they get the best care.”

Anita M, Scottsdale

“Excellent service Very caring staff.”

Marcie D, Scottsdale

“The staff is always friendly. They take the time to answer my questions. It is always easy to book an appointment.”

Danisha M, Scottsdale

“awesome!! very helpful and informative!!”

Joanne S, Phoenix

“You all were so wonderful with my cat, Rusty! He wasn’t afraid, at all, and I have to say that it was a great experience for both of us! Thanks SO much for cleaning him and his kennel , after his unfortunate accident!!”


“Was able to get in same day and staff was great. Vet spent lots of time with us to explain possible causes. Great experience.”


“very good – brought both of our cats who are doing very well now”

Sandra M, Scottsdale

“Excellent! I appreciate that I was seen on time and that my pet was thoroughly examined. I also like that the vet does not push or recommend unnecessary treatments and supplements, which makes me trust him more.”

Jill K, Scottsdale

“The doctor took the time to thoroughly explain things and answer all of my questions. Thanks!”


“We had a great annual check up (as usual). Weezie gets very nervous at the vet, but the staff and doctor are very friendly and do a fantastic job calming him down. They take time to answer all my questions and give Weezie great care.”

Nancy L, Scottsdale

“Very gentle and kind to my pet Samantha”


“Very caring and knowledgeable. We took our dog there who had seizures, and since he has been medicated the issue has been eliminated. We have no complaints!”

Connie B, Paradise Valley

“Very professional and courteous staff. 
I was seen within 10 minutes of my appointment time. 
I will return to this veterinarian in the future.”

Dick L, Scottsdale

“It is always a good experience at Cochise Animal Hospital. We thoroughly enjoy Dr. Thomasson and his kind approach to our dog, Hope.”

Stephanie W, Scottsdale

“Everyone at the vet is great. They know me and my dogs, they always fit us, are always on time and make me glad I bring my dogs there.”

Karen M, chicago

“This was our first visit to Cochise Animal Hospital and Dr. Thomasson. We are here seasonally and were referred by some area friends when our cat, Ozzy seemed to be behaving abnormally. Dr. Thomasson quickly identified some key areas of concern, sought consult from some of his associates in neurological practice, and subsequently, successfully treated the symptoms. We were so impressed by Dr. Thomasson’s thoroughness and patience. He spent a lot of time with Ozzy and us. We know we may have impacted other appointments and are grateful to the other pet owners who were patient and understanding. Cochise staff kept us posted on Ozzy’s condition and answered all our questions professionally and quickly. Our cat is doing great and hopefully, no long term concerns. All very scary when you’re away from home. I would recommend Cochise Animal Hospital for anyone looking for compassionate and knowledgeable pet care.”

Chelsie C, Scottsdale

“I was very impressed with how fast we were able to be seen and that all the staff took the time to sit and pet my dog! We were given a clear course of action for how to treat her allergies that DIDN’T cost an arm and a leg! We left very happy!”


“Dr and assistant very gentle w our dog Sonny who exhibits extreme anxiety; Sonny was treated for probable stomach issues and quickly recovered. Happy to have found a pet hospital with extremely caring staff!”

Jeanie B, Paradise Valley

“We were taken on time and everyone was professional and knowledgable.”


“The receptionist/front desk girl is very rude. Dr. Thomasson makes it worth it.”

James W, phoenix

“I loved this place. Very professional and thorough”

Lani L, Phoenix

“Always excellent service. Wonderful, friendly staff and doctor. We moved 8 years ago and I am about a 25 minute drive. I still come to Cochise because I trust them.”

Laure R, Scottsdale

“As always, a very positive experience starting with a nice welcome by the staff and resulting in good care for my dog, I always appreciate that I do not feel as if I am being lead down an expensive or intensive path of care when in fact that is not necessarily the best plan for our pet.
I found Cochise Animal Hospital when I was in a crisis because my original vet left town and shut down his practice…my Greyhound had suffered an injury and I was in a panic. Found Cochise Animal Hispital and here we are, 3 dogs later and loyal customers ever since!”

Danielle A, Phoenix

“As always wonderful experience taking our bulldog to Cochise. The doc is always on time, professional and friendly! Thank you!”

Ruth F, Scottsdale

“They got me in right away because my dog was very sick. Doctor Thomasson was very knowledgeable and comfortable with my large dog. He prescribed several medicines and pain pills. The staff was friendly and good with my dog. And my bill was much less then I thought it would be. My Dog had a high fever and a bad and very painful rash. He is well know. I would definitely recommend Cochise to anyone and they will be our family vet from now on.”

Mary W, Scottsdale

“Always caring and professional!”


“Quick scheduling and very helpful.”

Peggy B, Scottsdale

“There was absolutely NO waiting. I LOVE the way the staff and the doctor all show their love of animals. I have only been there 2 times, and, each time I comment on how the doctor gets down on the floor at the level of the animal and shows such love and compassion!! I also like the fact they don’t suggest unnecessary tests or medications, just to make more money. I LOVE this place!!!”

Ken R, Scottsdale

“Very informative, The Doctor took his time to review all my questions”

Geoff M, Scottsdale

“Everything went smoothly. The entire staff was very polite and professional.”

Jessica G, Scottsdale

“The staff was friendly, we didn’t have to wait long and the place was nice and clean!”


“As always, Dr. Thomasson was thoughtful, thorough, and caring. With an aging dog, those attributes are even more important than usual.”

Trisha, Scottsdale

“Staff was very helpful and extremely knowledgable.”

Lisa M, Scottsdale

“My dogs always receive the best care. Everyone at Cochise Animal Hospital is knowledgeable and friendly. I trust them completely.”

Stefani P, Scottsdale

“It was a great experience. The Doctor spent time with me and addressed all of my questions. I relly felt like this was a good switch for me. I guess my other Vet should quit bragging about expanding 1000% and focus on patients .. Like this office is… 
Thank you”

Sandy A, Scottsdale

“You guys always amaze me! Thanks for everything.”

Melissa E, Scottsdale

“As always, great care and service for our pets.”

Celeste F, Morrison

“So easy, fast and perfect!!!”

Gina M, Scottsdale

“Friendly staff & great service.”

Rhona M, Mesa

“Dr. Thomasson and the staff are always very nice, informative and caring. We have been going there for more than 10 years and feel more than comfortable leaving our rescue dogs in their care. We have sent many people and their pets to Cochise Animal Hospital because we trust Dr. Thomasson and his staff.”

Catherine J, Lombard

“Wonderful professional visit”

Glenn F, Scottsdale

“very friendly”

Cheryl B, Scottsdale

“Professional, knowledgable, honest, caring staff good with both pets & people. The best Vet my pets & I have ever been to.”

Jessica R, Dana Point

“I trust Dr. T and his staff. Always appreciate the care that they provide to my Boston Terrier Franny, as well as my parent’s pets.
also this was the second dog Dr. T. saved for for us. he save Bandit 5 years ago. Bandit is Tundra grandpa.”

Ashley K, Gilbert

“dR . t. DIDN;TGIVE UP ON tundra. He had two surgeys ,the second one worked he saved a 5 month old puppy’s life. we just love this vet so much. Tundra may not he doesn’t want anyone touching his little bottom,but his mom but he is healthy and gain weight like crazy and and eating up a strom and getting in trouble like any puppy does. so thank you so much Dr. T. for saving his life.”

Susan H, Scottsdale

“I took in my dog that had an ear problem. I was able to get into the office the same day I called. My dogs love Dr Thomasson and I always know they will get the best care.”

Kyle P, Scottsdale

“Great experience and knowledgeable staff.”


“great vet would tell everyone to try going here they are very helpful and understanding and will give the best choice available”

Sandy P, Scottsdale

“The staff was very cordial and timely. Will go back!”

Fleeta B, Scottsdale


Susan W, Phoenix

“I found the Dr Thomassen and the staff to be very friendly and helpful. I will definitely be bringing my dog back here. The Doctor went out of his way to explain my options and even made a phone call to a specialist to get a estimate on costs. I was very impressed.”

Michelee B, Scottsdale

“The staff was wonderful to our three small dogs (our furry babies). The visit did not completely wipe them out! They were very active when we arrived home.”

Correna P, Scottsdale

“Cochise is amazing. They are always available same day for appointments. The staff is great with my dog who tends to be hard to deal with at the vet. Recently my dog had to have several teeth extracted, Cochise was able to accommodate my schedule and have the surgery same day. They were great after surgery as well always there for questions or concerns Very affordable and very clean facilities.”

Kathy B, Scottsdale

“always helpful and they really care about my cats and dogs”

Jan V, Paradise Valley

“Took my dog in for surgery for a torn ACL. Everything went very smoothly. Dr. Thomasson took time to explain the procedure, the staff was well informed and was able to answer my questions when I called to check on her. And, when I picked her up, Dr. Thomasson came out and talked with me, giving me a good idea of what her recovery would look like. 
Great vet!”


“We’ve been taking our 13 year old Lab to Dr. Thomasson for 10 years and the entire staff at Cochise Animal Hospital has been great to work with. They’ve always taken good care of her. . .including ACL surgery. Highly recommend them!”

Steve B, Paradise Valley

“Great experience, very professional!”


“Always great customer service!”

Kristin F, Scottsdale

“Extremely friendly, compassionate, and professional. Highly recommend this team of care givers. Your pet is in safe hands.”

Amy D, Phoenix

“The customer service is excellent! Dr. Thomasson and his staff are great! My Nemo was not feeling well so they were able to get me in the same day. Dr. Thomasson took great care of my dog. Nemo was feeling better by the evening. Thank you!!”


“They always give the best care. They are kind, respectful and love what they do.”

Hilda M, Scottsdale

“An excellent, thorough visit with Dr. T, as usual!!!”

Mary W, Scottsdale

“Fabulous in evey way! Would recommend to anyone who loves their pet and wants caring professionals.”

Amy P, Scottsdale

“As usual my experience at Cochise Animal Hospital was great. They are on time and show that they truly care about the animals.”

Lynn H, Phoenix

“Dr. Thomasson and staff have a compassionate and friendly manner with the animals as well as their owners especially worrywarts like me. I like Dr. Thomasson’s conservative approach when diagnosing and the way he addresses any of my concerns for our two dogs. As a referral, we have been seeing Dr. Thomasson since we moved here in 2006.”

Ashley K, Gilbert

“Dr. Thomasson is the best vet .He shows his love for pets. Two of his staff members are also great.”

Brian B, Scottsdale

“You are awesome thanks”

Ashley K, Gilbert

“Dr..Thomasson is the best most of the staff is great.”

Marilyn C, Scottsdale

“The medicine was ready for pick up and when I called with a question, the doctor responded quickly.”

Melissa N, Scottsdale


Carrie M, Phoenix

“Fast, affordable, great with my dog.”

Cristine L, Scottsdale

“I bought a Groupon, and I am so glad I did. Everyone was very nice, and prompt. I have already made an appointment to come back to have my dogs teeth cleaned.”

Susanne H, Scottsdale

“Our mini dachshunds always get the best of care here. Dr. Thomasson explains procedures and is a great surgeon. Both of our dogs have had major dental issues, but have come through cleaning and extractions beautifully, even in their advanced age. We are highly satisfied customers!”

Don M, Scottsdale

“Very Honest”

Kim H, Scottsdale

“The staff and service is top notch!”


“We brought in our cat for the first time to Cochise, and everything was better than expected. We were greeted warmly by the receptionist, filled out a short form, and were in the exam room within a few minutes.The Vet and his assistant were very friendly and our cat responded really well to both of them. We expected a lot of hissing and running but got neither. The Vet checked her vitals, teeth, and gave her a shot and our cat barely moved. We weren’t pressured into any further testing and feel quite comfortable returning in the future.”

Susan F, Scottsdale

“We found our forever vet! Everywhere else tried to upsell us on care we didn’t need. The staff was nice and the Dr is caring and nice.”


“We’ve gone to Cochise since we first adopted our dog, 12 years ago. Dr. Thomasson is a kind and savvy vet and he’s helping us explore various ways of treating any challenges as our dog ages.”

Rupert W, Scottsdale

“friendly and accomodating”

Lisa R, Scottsdale

“Everyone was very friendly to us during our visit. And the Vet who took care of us was very informative and helpful with all of our questions and concerns.”

Brian D, Scottsdale

“Great doctor was gentle with my dog and made him feel welcomed”


“I was very pleased with our experience. The doctor spent a lot of time with us and I felt that I received the answers to all my questions.”

Nancy B, Scottsdale

“Great care and compassion, is the norm at Cochise Animal Hospital. I’ve never regretted choosing them for the routine care for my dog as well as any surgical needs.”

Claire H, Scottsdale

“I called on Wednesday and they had an appointment the very next day. I brought in my cat, Chief, for a vaccination and a routine checkup. We were in and out faster than I expected and all of our needs were taken care of. The staff and doctor were very friendly and I can tell they take pride in what they do!”

Mary N, Scottsdale

“Excellent patient caring … everyone there is always very helpful! Wouldn’t want to go anywhere else for my little Nikki!”

Patricia P, Scottsdale

“I was very pleased with the care that Princess received during, and after her recent surgery. She is recovering nicely,”

luke K, paradise Valley

“eye, and the Dr did not have a clue on how to treat or diagnose. He only looked at the eye with his flashlight,which i was told by 2 different Vets that the proper procedure for eyes is to run 3 specific tests, which he did none of. After the eye was not getting better I brought her to an eye specialist, that i should have been refereed to from the start, the Speacialist told me the eye had to be removed and that she did not have sight in that eye for well over a week, so when i brought her here she was already blind, which if he did the proper test he would of known this. I was told by the Dr that the eye was fine and no potential risk of her losing the eye, which was incorrect and instead of referring me to the eye specialist after he 1st visit he insisted i come back to him for another visit, which was a complete waste of Time and Money since the eye had already lost sight before i brought her here the 1st visit and the drops i was prescribed was a complete waste since it dilated the eye, that had no vision in it. I will NEVER bring any pet back here and i would recommend you don’t either, seems like they care more about the money than they do your pets. Very Disappointed!”

Jennifer W, Scottsdale

“Great staff…..!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave C, Scottsdale

“Awesome. Dr T is great.”

Mindy M, Scottsdale

“Always great, friendly service.”

Lauren M, Scottsdale

“The Dr. and Technician were great with my dog, was very happy with how things were handled. The front desk receptionist was very smug, I didn’t care for that.”

Sydni T, Tempe

“Lovely office, the doctor was so friendly and my little chihuahua (who usually doesn’t like men) was totally at ease around him. Also, the best nail trim my dog has ever gotten before, and for only $15! Cochise was affordable, convenient, and took great care with my dog. I will definitely be coming back”

Jenna C, Scottsdale

“Answered all of my questions. Wishe there was a doctor in Wednesday’s.”

Linda K, Scottsdale

“Appointment was easy to make. Staff and doctor were friendly and efficient.”


“There is never a long wait to get to see Dr Thomasson and my dogs are always happy to see him. He thoroughly explains answers to any questions I have. He personable and he is good with my dogs. I have been using Cochise Animal Hospital for many years and would recommend him to anyone (I already have.)”


“Dr. T is always so helpful and clearly explains whatever might be going on with my cat. He always makes me feel like I’m the most important patient when he’s working with my animal.”

Mary Karmen V, Mesa

“Great service.”

Susan G, Scottsdale

“I had a very nice visit at Cochise. Very clean and everyone was very nice. Professional, knowledgeable, attentive to my dogs needs. Dr. Steven diagnosed Spanky and told me what it would take and cost to make him better. I felt very comfortable and so did Spanky. I would highly recommend Cochise Animal Hospital to anyone that wants the best care for their pets!”

Ay V, Scottsdale

We have always been happy with the care Tinsley receives from Dr. Great place to take your pets if you want exceptional care for them.


“Doctor was great. Front desk receptionist was not that friendly.”

Analyn V, Phoenix

“I brought my pet to see if my pet is fit to travel since I am relocating to the Philippines. Dr Steve has been very helpful to check the requirements of importing animals to my home country.”


“Always receive good care for my pet. good customer service. Great vets.”

Kristine N, Scottsdale

“I’m always pleased with the attention and care all my animals receive at Cochise Animal Clinic. I noticed on this visit more than before how comfortable and at ease my dog was during his exam today. It is a comfortable and stress free environment and staff, especially Dr. T!!”

Gina M, Scottsdale

“Staff members were friendly and courteous. Great service as usual!”


“Dr. Thomasson and his staff are always a pleasure to deal with. We love Dr. Thomasson and always feel our pets are in very good hands with him.”

Delores S, Anthem

“Dr. T is great with our little Sadie. He is very caring and lets us watch what is happening and allows to ask questions. Very happy with the service!”

Gretchen L, Scottsdale

“Very caring and helpful!”

Ashley K, Gilbert

“dr. Thomasson is a extra vet . he take very good care of our wolf dog.”

Rhona M, Mesa

“We would not go anywhere else. Dr. Thomasson has been our vet for years. He is honest, compassionate and caring. We trust him with all our rescue dogs and highly recommend him.”

Natalie H, Scottsdale

“I would recommend this animal hospital. They took the time to answer my questions and scheduled me right away. They helped me find referrals and really seem to care”

Pam S, Scottsdale

“When I took my rabbit in for help. Dr. Thomason knew exactly what was wrong and knew how to treat it. She is doing so much better in just one day. It was hard for me to even find a doctor that would even treat rabbits, so I was extremely happy to find cochise animal hospital. I feel so safe and confident that they can help my fury family whenever I need to bring them in.

Alice J, Tempe

“Dr. Thomasson was super helpful! He answered any questions that I had and he guided me through all my new cat concerns. The staff was very friendly as well.”

Denise B, Paradise Valley

“The staff is always professional, knowledgeable and great customer service in handling my pet.”


“if our dog loves going to visit Dr. T .. then what else needs to be said !!”

Lori H, Scottsdale

“Very happy again with the service, friendliness and skill
Titan was handled with for his hot spot and skin irritations.”

Victoria D, Scottsdale

“This is the first time Roxy has visited with Dr. Thomasson for a check-up, but we previously brought in our sick grand-cat a year ago. Dr. Thomasson is very calming and kept Roxy, our hyper little Boxer in check the entire time and answered any questions we had regarding our bundle of joy.”

Laura S, Scottsdale

“They didn’t take my Dog’s temperature. I think his exam could’v been thorough for a first visit. I felt we received the condensed version because we had a coupon.”


“My regular vet was out of town when my rabbit needed care, so we met with Dr. Thomasson. I liked him very much! Knowledgeable about rabbits, professional and friendly atmosphere in the office, etc. – everything you would want in a veterinarian.”

Allison G, Scottsdale

“Staff was very nice and timely.”

Steve A, Phoenix

“Great people;
I brought in our dog thinking he needed to get a vaccination but your friendly staff found out that we already had a 3 year vaccination in place by calling our old vet. Instead of being irritated over my mistake and me wasting their time they sent me home with a smile and welcomed me back some other time.
Great attitude and great atmosphere. 

Helena S, Scottsdale

“Everyone understood my concerns and recommended the appropriate treatment for my dog’s allergies.”

Marilyn C, Scottsdale

“I have only brought Rusty in one time and was very pleased how he was treated and recommendations made. When ever I need a refill on medicine, everyone is very accommodating. At other vet hospitals I have been given a difficult time when I need a refill.”


“Since I was only picking up dog food there isn’t a whole lot to say except personnel on duty was very nice and helpful. However, I am extremely unhappy with the greater than 10% increase in price of Jasmine’s food. Next time I will be looking around for something less expensive.”

Colette R, Paradise Valley

“Thanks for getting us in for Rocky’s rabies shot! We appreciate you clipping their nails & checking for fleas / ticks. Nice to visit with you as always ! 
Colette Rosati”

Lynn B, Scottsdale


Wayne H, Scottsdale

“Great explanation of services by the Doctor.”

Jaclyn B, Scottsdale

“Everyone was so nice. The only thing is I forgot to mention my dog’s name is spelled: Biscuit not Bisquit.”

Dave C, Scottsdale

“Great experience!! Confide in Dr Thomassen and his staff is wonderful.”


“I was very happy with the service at the clinic. The vet is very nice and explained the after care well. My dog did well after the procedure. The prices are fair, and everyone seems nice. There was a little confusion around drop off times, but nothing terrible. There is a resident kitty roaming at this office, so be prepared for that if you have a dog that is not used to cats (in other words, don’t loosen up on the leash to open the door).”

Jeanie B, Paradise Valley


Paul G, Phoenix

“Very professional and competent group. 
And the office cat tolerates canine patients.”

Breanna K, Mesa

“They not only did their jobs great, but they all were so loving and went above and beyond to meet and exceed my expectations. A lot of people can’t handle my very hyper one year and three month old pitbull but they did an amazing job with her and even though she was hyper they were all very hentle with her. I will definitely be coming back!”

Patricia L, Long Lake

“I am from out of town and wasn’t sure were I should take my dog. I looked on the internet and selected a vet near me. I could not have been happier with my selection. The Doctor was very friendly, and punctual with my appointment. Coming in I assumed my dog had a bigger issue than she did. The Doctor recommended an easy and inexpensive fix. Very happy with his honesty. This was by far the cheapest vet bill I have ever had and it included a prescription.”